Tired of living with yellow stains and discoloration? Come brighten up your smile with professional teeth whitening here at Tuttle Family Dental. Our dentist and team will give you faster and more noticeable results for you to enjoy a whiter smiler in no time. Call us today at 801-224-1997 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gregory Tuttle and learn more about teeth whitening in Orem, Utah.

You can noticeably enhance your smile in as little as one visit with us for teeth whitening. We will apply a powerful but safe whitening gel to the surface of your teeth to break up stains and lighten discoloration and yellowing on your tooth enamel. We have both in-office and take-home options for teeth whitening so that you can have all the benefits of a professional teeth whitening experience, no matter your preference.

Teeth whitening is a great cosmetic dental service if you are looking for a whiter and brighter smile. Your smile may have some staining or discoloration due to a variety of factors, such as:

  • The natural aging process
  • Poor habits regarding dental hygiene
  • Certain drinks and foods, such as coffee, soda, tea and wine
  • Smoking and other tobacco use
  • Illness
  • Certain medications
  • Fluorosis

We look forward to helping you achieve your desired smile. Our dentist and team will work with you to determine the type of treatment that works best for your smile and your schedule. To learn more about how professional teeth whitening can help you, call us today and schedule your visit with our dentist.