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In 2003, Dr. Gregory Tuttle founded a local anesthetic technique called TuttleNumbNow to save patients from having a numb lip or tongue. This patented method involves a direct injection into your mouth to numb, drill and fill immediately to provide comfortable care for your smile. The result? Happy patients and dental professionals around the country now implementing TuttleNumbNow at their practice.

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Dr. Gregory Tuttle has been practicing dentistry for over 30 years to improve the health and appearance of patients’ smiles. He is highly motivated and makes everyone feel comfortable with his funny personality and innovative numbing technique, TuttleNumbNow. He always says, “My goal is not to do a bunch of dentistry on you — it is to find out what you want and do that for you.” All the services he provides are straightforward and affordable for you to enjoy a great smile.

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