Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Quality Dental Care

touchedup20th_anniversary_11-300x145With over 20 years of experience, we have successfully proven to provide quality dental care at an affordable price. You can trust us!

Comprehensive Care

Dr. Tuttle can save you time and money because of his skill level. He does complete implant treatment from start to finish including the extraction and bone graft. He will tackle most root canals and extractions including wisdom teeth. He will however, refer out orthodontics but often straightens teeth instantly with cosmetic reshaping or restorative dentistry. We can take care of most everything in our office including full mouth reconstruction without sending you to specialists, which saves you time and money and makes us 100% accountable for the outcome.

On Site Lab

Many dental offices use machines or outsource their lab work and crown fabrication to foreign countries or out of state, but all our work is done by hand with Artistic Dental Design Studio. The advantage is tremendous. Both dentist and lab technician are available to customize shades and if something isn’t perfect, having the lab make it right is hassle-free. We can walk across the parking lot and have him add to a crown or improve the shade of a tooth. Amazing!

Fast and Efficient Service

Because we have an energetic team, we get you in and on your way quickly. But not too fast–we make sure to answer all your questions and give your mouth the royal treatment.

Flexible Payment Options

We want you to have the smile you are proud of. We provide flexible payment plans to make all services fit in your budget.

Latest Products and Advancements

You deserve the best, and that means the best technology too! We use the latest products and machines to get your smile looking top-notch.

We Care

We care about you and the community around us. We are committed to making each patient’s day a positive experience. You will feel our friendly atmosphere from the second you walk in the door, to the time you walk out with a new toothbrush in hand!