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KSL News came to our Utah office to meet Dr. Tuttle and to check out TuttleNumbNow! Take a look!


For more than 25 years Dr. Gregory K. Tuttle, DDS has practiced dentistry above industry standards. Early on, he found himself in need of a fast, effective solution that made TuttleNumbNow a reality.

TuttleNumbNow is a revolutionary dental anesthetic technique developed in 2003. Seeing patient after patient, Dr. Tuttle never thought his dream of “Setting down the syringe, picking up the drill” would be possible. He needed a solution that could get his patients numb quickly and so he could work on all four quadrants, pain free.

Dr. Tuttle has practiced the technique safely for over 12 years and is anxious to share his advancement with the entire dental world.

Dr. Tuttle is passionate about serving the dental community. With his son recently graduating from dental school, Dr. Tuttle hopes to pass on this legacy to many other experienced or aspiring dentists.

He takes his oath seriously and reminds others of his pledge to improve the profession, serve humanity, and render the highest standard of care.

Dr. Tuttle hopes you will be able to better serve your patients as a TuttleNumbNow Certified Dentist.

TuttleNumbNow Certification

If you’re ready to learn more, the first step to become a TuttleNumbNow Certified Dentist is to pay a one-time fee of $490.

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Your payment of $490 will allow you to:

-Get access to the step-by-step guide

-See the full procedural protocol

-Gain access to instructional videos

However, if you are interested in advertising, you must complete the rest of the TuttleNumbNow Certification steps found here.